Obsidian shapes float slowly in the faded, misty void

August 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Obsidian shapes float slowly in the faded, misty void. Jagged vastnesses of volcanic sheen, smoothed in places by time and unknowable forces, lingering on the edge of sight. Their orbit, aeon-slow, brings them together, apart, together in the chaotic pendulum-dance of emergence. Yet, despite the seeming infinity this procession endures, it slows and winds down. Erratic movements, missteps, interrupt the dance as the long years introduce decay and tidal forces.


The shapes crack and deform under stress, bending and twisting arthritically. Compression brings pressure, brings heat, brings the sputtering transmogrification of the alembic and the crucible. The simple becomes the complex and the complex combines into more upon more, fuelled by ever decreasing circles of light, until here we are looking out on a form more beautiful for its subtle transience.

And then out, like a bedside candle, it sputters and falls into silence unbroken.


Wave Theory

March 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Some diversions on a theme.

Statement 1:
There is a place that is no-place with a time that is no-time. A potentiality of Place, it could be said, but still a place nonetheless.

Statement 2:
Things exist in this place. They do not “live”, and they do not “die”, as there is no time for these things to occur in. They merely exist. They are potentialities of Thing, it could be said, but still things nonetheless.

Statement 3:
Sometimes, however, there is a ripple in the place that is no-place and the potentiality can become actuality.

If there are ripples, are there waves? If there are waves, what then?

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