Those of frost, not firelight

October 8, 2015 § 2 Comments

They came down from the woods that night
those of frost, not firelight.
They snuffed out flame, snuffed out as well
the lives of those who quietly dwell
in towns and hamlets, farms and inns.
The places where mankind begins.
We’ve heard their whisperings in streams,
their faces only found in dreams.
Where masters older than our own
sit upon their oaken thrones.


Everyone they found, they slew
except a pair of children who
hiding underneath their bed
heard the woodfolk laugh. They said;
“Tremble not, we’ll leave you be.
Return this dawn to moss and tree.
Another night you’ll hear our song.
Years for you, for us not long.
As long as mankind bustles, thrives,
we’ll come to take your children’s lives.”

Prophecy-poem of the Northern Marches


Arboreal Watcher

March 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Arboreal Watcher

Age itself is a form of life
One steeped in hate, betrayal and strife
Despite the torch, the saw, the blade
Their roots in human blood arrayed.

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