Trembling With Fear, “To The Sea, The Sorrow”

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One of my drabbles, works of fiction that consist of exactly one hundred words, has been published by The Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear imprint.

“She has gone to the sea,” he’d told his daughter who, old enough, dismissed the words as a well-meaning fable.


The Audient Void #3

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My short story ‘The Many Roads to Weatherly” has been published in The Audient Void #3, my second story to be published by the journal after ‘The Left Hand of Aux-Çevoires‘.

He presses on as the path swings out to follow the edge of a placid stream, where the current streams green algae out into fans of emerald hair. A grey, dust-stained tree dips its branches into the water, plucking at the surface. The rib-like remains of a canoe pull at the end of a rope, dancing and jerking on the current like a fretful dog.

Once again Allen K provides excellent cover design but my story features a superb illustration from Brad Hicks.

I once had a birdie…

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Children are the greatest barometer of a civilisation. Adults are merely the way that civilisation operates, like cogs in a machine, but children are the means by which it gains expression.

I once had a birdie

As leaves blowing along a path show the invisible wind so the songs of children reflect the health of their civilisation.

Who sang all the day

In happy times, children are free to play and retain their innate understanding of the world around them

He sat on my dresser

Their bustle and games parody the adult world and reflects the chaotic cycle of existence with laughter and joy.

All coloured and gay

Yet, like all means of expression, it is frail and easily subverted.

And yet, my poor birdie

What was healthy can sicken. What has sickened can die.

Stopped singing one day

There are agents that know this and, as they please, turn children against their civilisation.

The blackwings came calling

And turn civilisations against their children.

And took him away.


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