Obsidian shapes float slowly in the faded, misty void

August 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Obsidian shapes float slowly in the faded, misty void. Jagged vastnesses of volcanic sheen, smoothed in places by time and unknowable forces, lingering on the edge of sight. Their orbit, aeon-slow, brings them together, apart, together in the chaotic pendulum-dance of emergence. Yet, despite the seeming infinity this procession endures, it slows and winds down. Erratic movements, missteps, interrupt the dance as the long years introduce decay and tidal forces.


The shapes crack and deform under stress, bending and twisting arthritically. Compression brings pressure, brings heat, brings the sputtering transmogrification of the alembic and the crucible. The simple becomes the complex and the complex combines into more upon more, fuelled by ever decreasing circles of light, until here we are looking out on a form more beautiful for its subtle transience.

And then out, like a bedside candle, it sputters and falls into silence unbroken.


BEING a most precise and accurate Physick agaynst alle Miasma & Gloomes.

July 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Take ye onne (1) Chalise Argent of fyne Vinne Gules and playce thereine onne (1) Amethyst of gode qualitie, for ye optickal qualitie of ye gemme be most related to that more empyreal qualitie it holdeth withinne. Twyne about ye Chalise stemme haires from ye Heade of a Youthe of Virtue and playce this whole within view of Her Ladyshippe, ye Moone. Three (3) nightes let it sit under Her gayze and, pon ye thirde nighte, droppe within three (3) prickes of ye own Blood. Drink ye this philtre upon the cock crow as ye burn the Youthes haire pon a flame of charred-cole and yew.

Most assuredly shalt thy infirmityes be quashed, thy energies be fulsomely rewarded.

Due to the curiouse form of Alchemical sigil brought withyne thys Draught when ye Ingredient be transformed as such, calleth be thys Potionne Ye Bloodeflye, for be it akin to ye Butterflye whereby t’is in Butter that venerable Oiles be found and in Bloode where sore-needed Humoures lie.

Ye Bloodeflye

Oiles be naught but adulterated Humoures, sayeth ye Masters, so also be this Draught called ye Oile Ascendant or ye Oile Perehelick.

Mark ye thys welle.

Correspondence, Hence

April 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

Thee Idea and Facte of thee Aetherick Ryft layes not welle in thee Mindes of Menne, Frende mine. ‘Tis an Affronte to the Sanctitie of Earth and of Heavene that offendes both Eye and Thoughte. Willt it be welle that all Investigationes be halted most speedily and these Thynges of which we Discourse be layd at Reste as they be before.

Thys Talke of Poles & Wyres & Lodes breede nowe a Foule Notionne, as much as that of Devyls and Sprytes…

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