Article IV

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Article IV, Section 2, sub-section c

(Umbrate compliance required)

As advised and indicated throughout.

It, of course, is, no more (or less) so than any other, a cipher for its own (un)reality and, in most senses, can be regarded as, for the most part, immaterial apart from its layering of (possible) potential which, undoubtedly, is/was/will be vastly powerful (or maybe not, dependent on certain uncertainties).and should be dealt with accordingly – that being, most delicately – for fear of premature ignition and/or extinction in cases where this would be disadvantageous or dangerous (viz. staining of clothing thru co-terminal collapse of intrinsic field spaces and all points in-between/in-beyond)..

Line Arc

Article IV, Section 2, sub-section d.

(Umbrate compliance required)

As ill-advised and abdicated throughout

Agents must be most cautious in usage of the referred as themic disassociation may be instigated under certain circumferstances and, indeed, it is highly likely that arc-rebound effects may be experienced and the deleterious impacts thereof/thereby suffered. Deployment of such devices should only be undertaken on authorisation of a suitable referee (or under one’s own initiative, should it be deemed necessary – see also; plausibility of denial, dismissal [members and dismembers], collateral and public disturbance suppression for explicatory notices).

Article IV, Section 2, sub-section e.

(Umbrate compliance required)

Aisle is visored and a bit tainted, throw out

When engendered by multiple agents, supported by BOXER units as needed, full-line arc throw can be modified to such effect as required. The re-arrangement of both tomic and themic characteristics can be highly desirable should a sector clear be required, for reasons of stability and/or temperance. All agents should be aware of the volume of deployment, dependent on strength and insertion phase. Self-destabilisation is a chronic state, non-recoverable.


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