Sleeping Cliffs

September 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

What’s that ye were sayin’, young feller? I was thinkin’ that I ‘eard ye say something about the Sleepin’ Cliffs, eh? Plannin’? Plannin’ a what? A nexpedishun? Wassat? Y’goin’ out there? Ye don’ wanna go out there, young ‘un. Lissen… lissen t’me! I been out there. Yeah, yeah… I been out there a good few times. Long ago, now, but I still been and I’m tellin’ ye that ye don’ wanna go out there on no nexpedishun!

Sleeping Cliffs

Drinkin’?! Sure I been drinkin’! Ye’d be drinkin’ too if y’seen what I seen out on them cliffs. Wretched things…wretched. Ain’t nothing for no human eyes to see… Once ye get past the Slums then it ain’t no land o’ man no more. Beasts is all there is. Beasts! An’ worse’n beasts…

Aye! Ye might well laugh! Daft ol’ coot livin’ in the gutter I be but I gots more sense than any o’ ye an’ I reckons that I’ll live a sight longer’n ye if’n ye go on this nexpedishun.

Yer bones’ll be bleachin’ in the sun afore I’m dead, boy, I tell you that straight off. Bleachin’ inna sun!


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