They’re there

June 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Who are They?

They’re everywhere these days, aren’t They? They say this and They say that but They never really do much, do They? They stop other people from doing things, that’s for sure, but they never do much Themselves. Apart from writing signs. Closing doors. Locking up the very world itself.


So, who are They? They’re not Us, that’s all We know.

Or do We?

Who are They?

Are They You?


Ye Kinge of Serpentes

June 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

In genealogical conflicte to its cousin, ye Cockatrice, ye Basilisk be foulle Producte of an Serpent’s Egge hatched by an Cockerelle. So abhorrent be it to Nature that such very Earth scorcheth ‘pon its passyng, plants wither under ye Vapour of its breath and faire Animals be transfixed unto Death by its lidless Gaze.


Pestilence & Miasma follow in its wake and even in Death tainteth its Corpse such soil as it lieth upon. Be’est it not a creature suffered to live on this Earth, be’est it an Abomination.

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