Correspondence, Thence

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Frende mine. Your Wordes have Borne in me a great Saddnesse. These Ryftes you speake of willt open a New Dawne of Energy and Thoughte for Mankinde and, thereon, all Thynges that dwelleth ‘pon thys Lande, I am assured of it.

As the Balle raysed High gaines the Wille to return to its originalle Stayte so too willt those Thynges moved to thee Ryft gain the Wille to return unto thee Naturalle Lande, surfeit with Power…


The Sigil of Yom T’thbeh

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Captured using advanced Obfuscope technology, the presence of this grim image – scrawled on a Wester Choke wall in a thick, red ink – is a worrying development in local sigilomancy.

The Sigil of Yom T'thbeh

Is there perhaps some tie between the emergence of this dread figure and the proximity of the City Librarium, with its unmentioned repository of certain tomes…?

And be’est Yom T’thbeh called the Great Angler and His symbol be’est the Great Hook for with it hunteth He for Men and for the Souls of Men, and none shallt rest whilst hunteth He…” – Within the Nights of Men, Abillard (expurg.)


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Re: Lapse

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“What? Where’s that smoke coming from?”

“Me! Blasted machine…”

“What happened?”

“I’m not sure… Wait. Damn. Damn!”

“Not good?”

“There’s a tooth missing from the relapse cog.”

“It’s broken?”

“No, the tooth’s missing. Gone. No longer here.”

“Gone? Where is it?”

“Somewhere else. Look, it’s hard to explain. The cog should have fifteen teeth. Now it only has fourteen.”

“Things can’t just disappear like that…can they?”

“Sometimes, yes. In some ways, that’s what the relapse cog is for but I don’t like it regressing like that without a reason. I especially don’t like it discharging the potential difference into me!”

“Oh. I see. Your hair’s still smoki…”

“I know!”

Correspondence, Hence

April 10, 2013 § 1 Comment

Thee Idea and Facte of thee Aetherick Ryft layes not welle in thee Mindes of Menne, Frende mine. ‘Tis an Affronte to the Sanctitie of Earth and of Heavene that offendes both Eye and Thoughte. Willt it be welle that all Investigationes be halted most speedily and these Thynges of which we Discourse be layd at Reste as they be before.

Thys Talke of Poles & Wyres & Lodes breede nowe a Foule Notionne, as much as that of Devyls and Sprytes…

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